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"Water Proof" Glitter Body Art

(See more pictures below)

"Water Proof" Glitter Body Art Entertainment is now available (aka- Temporary Glitter Tattoos):

Girls Having Fun in the Pool with Glitter Tattoos
Pink Orange Flaming Hearts Glitter Tattoo

1. Waterproof

2. Temporary- Lasting up to 3-7 days depending on care

(Please note that if a person has sun block on the oils may release the design off.)

3. For Boys, Girls, and Adults too

4. Removable with an alcohol swab

5. Safe for the skin- Has been skin-patch tested and is FDA compliant. 

They are a perfect way to go for Pool Parties because they not only add a wow factor but they also are:

They are great for:

* Birthday Parties/ Quinceneras, Sweet 16's

* Bat Mitzvah and

* Bar Mitzvah

* Corporate Events (Custom Made Logos Available)

* Promotions

* Pool Parties- they are water proof

* Fairs

* Festivals

* Carnivals

* Boutiques

* Awareness Campaigns (Custom Made Logos Available)

* Sporting Events

* Event Shows

* Evening Wear (Proms, Quinceneras, Weddings, Ladies Night Out)


We can provide many different designs.  Let us know what the theme of your party is and we can check to see if we happen to have designs available that fit the theme. 


They add fun and sparkle while your guests are enjoying the water with their sparkly design.


There is a 2 hour minimum- Maximum of 20 kids and or adults. $150 for 2 hours plus travel if it applies


"This wonderful Glitter Art has been skin-patch tested and is FDA Compliant; but is Not meant for the face due to it's abrasive nature when trying to remove "

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Green and Black Scorpion Glitter Tattoo
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